Meta Floki Verse official is the most current token of the Floki family, with rewards in Polkadot, the holders of our token will have more and more Dot in their wallets.

Airdrops, contests and soon Staking and Farming. Great news is coming!! Floki Verse is ready to lead the Floki community, and you, are you ready?

What is Meta Floki Verse?

MetaFlokiVerse is a token that is here to stay, the most attractive and innovative of the Floki family. 

Linked to the metaverse and with a very promising future, Staking and farming, NFT, Videogame, contests and surprises. 

Join our great family and enjoy this space tour with us.

CONTRACT: 0xf00b8BF3719D7fD790cC0cFA13B5f7F42b02A682

How to buy MetaFlokiVerse?

Click on the following button which will take you to the PancakeSwap website, connect your wallet, if it does not automatically load the MetaFlokiVerse enter the contract: 0xf00b8BF3719D7fD790cC0cFA13B5f7F42b02A682; enter the amount of tokens you want to buy, set the slippage between 16 and 18%, click on the swap button and accept the transaction in your wallet.

Our  Tokenomics


Rewards in Polkadot


Added to Liquidity


To marketing

Listed on:


  • PHASE 1

      TG 500 members


      Public Presale



  • PHASE 2

      2000 Holders

      CG and CMC


      Update Web


  • PHASE 3

      3000 Holders

      Staking and Farming

      Technical paper



  • PHASE 4

      10000 Holders

      NFT Game

      Big Contest

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